Concert Season 2015-2016

Our major classical work for May 2016 is Haydn's "Theresa" Mass also known as Maria Theresa Mass or Theresianmesse. Haydn wrote 6 "great" masses, one each year to celebrate the name day of the Empress of Austria (wife of his employer Prince Esterhazy). Another of these "great" masses was the "Lord Nelson" Mass written the year before "Theresa". It is equally wonderful and magnificent. We will start off the concert with the motet Sancta Maria, mater Dei by Mozart. As an aside, Mozart and Haydn were two great composers who truly respected each other - something we don't come across too often in music history!

The rest of the programme, although a contrast in style is equally exciting from a medley of songs from "Les Miserables" to "What a Wonderful World". We will also sing the Dion/Bocelli hit "The Prayer", Jacques Brel's "If We Only Have Love" and Il Divo's hit "Nella Fantasia" (In My Fantasy) which was the theme in the movie "The Mission".

Quite a line up!

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New singers are welcome. Practices are held in Pointe-Claire on Monday evenings from 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm. Please see auditions for more details.